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I have been enjoying practicing general dentistry for almost 30 years. I grew up in Iowa and graduated from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. I love seeing patients of all ages, especially the 1 year olds! I’m married to Family Physician, Dr. Monk Elmer and we have 3 grown children following their hearts in their chosen professions. Keegan, our oldest work with the China Labour Bulletin in Hong Kong writing articles about labor unrest and keeping track of their “strike map”, he is married to Anna-Stiina from Finland and he has a 9 year old step-daughter, Lumi. MacKenzie is a breaking news reporter with the Des Moines Register and Quinn is starting his 2 year teaching certificate at UW Stevens Point.
I am a big believer that a healthy life style leads to healthy teeth!  I enjoy keeping on top of the latest that dentistry has to offer including same-day-crown, restoring implants, and using the laser to fight gum infection (I call it “Star Wars” against infection!!)
Stay posted for updates!

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