Happy Halloween!

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Today is one of America’s favorite holidays and is the one chance per year we can go to work with a Woody-the-Woodpecker head on or dressed like a giraffe!

Along with this goes, or course, the day in which the children of America eat the most sugar in one 24 hour period of the entire year.

Childhood decay rates are on the rise and a lot of it is fueled by increased consumption of sugar in the form of candy and soda.

So what can you do to make sure your children’s teeth aren’t on “sugar high”?  Here are 3 simple steps to making sure your little goblins don’t end up in the dental chair needing a filling:


  1.  Limit the amount and timing of eating their candy.  Do they really need an entire pillowcase-full of candy?  Let them put it all out on the floor and have them choose 25-50 pieces as their “stash”.  Then, they are allowed to have a piece (or two) with dinner which limits the sugar-attack of eating it in between meals.

2. Brush and floss before bedtime!  Make it part of the “going to bed” ritual.  P.J.s,                      bathroom and help them brush and floss.  Children do not have the hand-dexterity                to effectively brush on their own until they are approximately 9 years old!  There are              many apps which have fun songs and timers for children to brush to.  Check it out!

3.  Make an appointment with the dentist for your child.  Research shows if children                  start seeing a dentist at age one, their decay rate dramatically decreases!  This is                      mainly because much of the time is spent counseling parents on how to take care of              their child’s teeth.  Getting to know their “dental home” helps alleviate fear of the                dentist and they happily jump into the chair for their checkups as they “grow-up”                in the office.

Watch this video of a child’s first dental appointment!




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