O.K., non-flossers, we know you’re out there!

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of nearly 10,000 American adults is out and the news isn’t good.  Just over 37% reported less than daily flossing, 32% reported never flossing at all and 30% say they floss daily.

The bacteria that live between your teeth are the kind that can do damage to your heart, brain, blood vessels, pancreas and other important organs.  They are small enough to get into the blood vessels that surround your teeth.

Flossing (when done properly) removes these bacteria and food particles before they have time to embed themselves into the blood stream.  Check out these links to learn the proper way to floss:




It’s best to floss before bed so that bacteria don’t have extra time to do any damage.  Most dentists agree it’s best to floss first, then brush.

Use teflon coated floss if you have tight contacts between your teeth, a common brand name is Glide, but there are others.

If you make it a goal to floss every day, your dental bills over your lifetime will be minimal and you will have your teeth to smile and chew for the rest of your life!

Happy flossing!